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Evaluation of damages:

Q.- Do I have the right to use approved appraisal centers to establish the amount of damages to my vehicle?

R.- Yes ! A superior court judgment confirms that approved appraisal centers have the right to assume this responsibility.

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Warranty of repairs:

Q.- My Insurance provider claims that they cannot guarantee the repairs on my vehicle if I do not agree to have it repaired at a body repair shop/mechanic of their choosing.

A.- Wrong !  Under the laws of Loi sur la protection du consommateur (Better Business Bureau) article 176 states (translated): “A repair is guaranteed for three months or 5000 km, whichever applies first.  This warranty takes effect at the time of delivery of the vehicle. ..”

Ref.: Loi sur la protection du consommateur
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Caution!  If a life time or extended warranty is offered, be sure to read everything before signing, as there could be a number of exceptions …
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Choice of auto body repair shop

Q.- Do I have the right to have my vehicle repaired at an auto body repair shop/mechanic of my choice?

A.- In referring to "Tout Connaître sur l'assurance automobile" of  Groupement des assureurs automobiles you can find on page 12  (translated) “Once the estimate is done, you would like to go to an auto body repair shop/mechanic  of your own choice? Give your insurance company his name and address. ..”

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Replacement vehicle:

Q.- My insurance adjuster wants me to go with an auto body repair shop/mechanic of his choice as they offer a free rental car.

A.- : If you have subscribed to amendment FAQ-20 in your insurance policy, you are entitled to a certain amount of money which may be used for a replacement vehicle.